Permit me to introduce myself... I am Banz.

- Banz

Banz is one of the main characters of the Eggnic series. A resident of Whateveritscalled, Banz first appeared to Splooshnic while he was seeking the Element Orbs. Little is known about Banz, and he almost never speaks about himself. However, he seems to have a heroic streak, getting himself involved in various world threatening crises, and showing disapproval of those who would conquer the world.

Character Biography[edit | edit source]

Little is known about Banz's past. All that is known is that, prior to the events of Splooshnic Crackers, he stood in the way of Evil Wise Man's plans.

Character Affinities[edit | edit source]

Weapons: Pistols

Drinks: Pepsi Blue

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