I am the greatest evil force this world has ever seen...

- Crackers

Daimaou Crackers (大魔王 苦楽酸 lit. "Great Demon King Kurakusan"), commonly referred to as Crackers, is a recurring antagonist throughout the Eggnic series. He is a powerful demon from the Dark World, with unclear but destructive aims. Due to being defeated by Splooshnic during Splooshnic Crackers, he holds a grudge against the treasure hunter.

Character Biography[edit | edit source]

Crackers has long been a menace on Whateveritscalled. Several years before the events of Eggnic Zero, he went on a rampage in Snow Island, killing a large portion of the population. However, aided by the power of an Element Orb and the Instrument, the King of Snow Island managed to defeat Crackers in combat, sealing him away in the Dark World.

Character Affinities[edit | edit source]

Weapons: Bare hands

Drinks: ???

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