Drinks are a type of item that the characters in the Eggnic series frequently enjoy. Each character is fiercely loyal to one type of drink, and will rarely consume any other. They are usually a type of soda.

Drinks are the most powerful restorative item in the Eggnic series, and they usually recover all HP and MP upon use.

Types of drinksEdit

Dr. Pepper - A popular type of soda that is most strongly associated with Eggman. It is marketed as having a unique taste that makes it difficult to categorize. Dr. Pepper frequently receives nods in the plot, including the Master Pepper and the Dr. Pepper Dungeon.

Pepsi Blue - Splooshnic's favorite drink. In spite of this, it received only a brief mention in Splooshnic Crackers, and did not appear as an item until near the end of the game. Though it was marketed as a "berry cola fusion", in actuality the taste is closer to a berry-flavored Mt. Dew. In the real world, Pepsi Blue has become increasingly dififcult to find, as it was a marketing failure for PepsiCo. However, it remains prominent in the Eggnic universe, being sold at most pubs. In Eggnic 3 Beta, it was mistakenly referred to as "Pepsi".