EggBound was a rom hack of EarthBound, an abandonned project started sometime in 2003. While not directly tied to the Eggnic series in any way whatsoever, it can be considered an ancestor of the series, due to the alarming number of influences it had on the series.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The creator's recollection of the plot is hazy at best, but there are a few details of the storyline that can be clearly remembered in some capacity.

Dr. Eggman is awakened by a U.F.O. crashing into a mountain near his base, faithfully guarded by his henchmen Scratch and Grounder. He gets up and sets out to investigate. He meets his neighbor and archnemesis Dr. Baconman, who calls him an "eggy moron" and tells him to go home. Later that night, Baconman comes crawling to Eggman's aid, however- Bacon Bomb (In this game a singular character, not a common foe) is atop the mountain, and is close to self-destructing! The two foes team up and head out to defuse Bacon Bomb.

It is at this point that the plot gets hazy. At some point Eggman gets a Crystal Egg (the Sound Stone), with the goal of collecting eight Emerald Eggs (the Sanctuary Locations).

A few scattered changes for later areas in the game are known. The Sanctuary boss' overworld sprites were all changed to Baconman in his Baconmobile, implying all eight fights would be against Baconman. Twoson was changed to "Crime City", its populace largely replaced with suit-wearing gangsters and some mild dialog edits. It's known that Saturn Valley was changed into Toad Town, and that Master Belch was changed into Bowser. Furthermore, while not implemented into the game, Giygas was to be edited into the Death Bacon, Baconman's doomsday weapon that would fight alongside him in the final battle.

The playable characters were Eggman (Edited from Ness), Sera (Paula), Ishntknew (Jeff), and Pyro Koopa (Poo).

Influences on Eggnic[edit | edit source]

  • Eggman's original sprites were taken from this game. They were, to the creator's best recollection, an edit of Aloysius Minch. However, it is possible they were edits of Dr. Andonuts. Baconman's sprites were, in turn, an edit of Eggman's sprites. Sera's sprites were also from this game; Hers are edits of Paula's sprites.
  • Bacon Bomb appeared as Baconman's cute pet/sidekick, and was later reimagined as a common enemy.
  • The Toads first appeared in this game, where Saturn Valley would have been placed. Their sprites were reused in Eggnic.
  • It is likely a coincidence, but Crime City shares a passing similarity with City Zone.

Unrelated to EggBound specifically, the MOTHER series as a whole has had considerable influence on the series, from a preponderance of cameos throughout to music to a specific trivia quiz on the first game in the series.

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