Eggman's Adventure
The title screen of Eggman's Adventure


~4/11/2003 - 2008


RPG Maker 2000

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Eggman's Adventure is an RPG in the Eggnic series. Work on it began in 2003 as a standalone project. However, in production, it was decided that it would perform a crossover with Splooshnic Crackers, creating the Eggnic series. The game was nearly finished in 2004, but lacked a final battle and ending cutscene until 2008. It, along with Splooshnic Crackers, is part of Eggnic Zero.

Plot[edit | edit source]

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Development[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Eggman's Adventure originally had a completely different soundtrack. However, an experimental attempt to replace the midi soundtrack with MP3s failed, and after that, the entire soundtrack was replaced.
  • The original soundtrack had Spring Yard Zone music in Green Hill Town, which has become a running joke. In chapter 4, it is possible to get the original music to play by talking to Random Wise Man twice, or resting at the Green Hill Inn.
  • Early on, the game was planned to have voice acting for every spoken line in the game. This proved infeasible, especially as broadband Internet was not as widespread as it is today.
  • Random Wise Man was originally only to appear once, in Green Hill Town. The "random" in his name originally implied that he was an unimportant character. This, of course, proved false.
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