The Eggnic series is a series of games starring Eggman and Splooshnic. They are most commonly RPGs created in RPG Maker, although there have been other genres attempted. The series is the source of Eggnic Team's name. The series started in 2003, and has had installments occasionally since.

Common Themes[edit | edit source]

The games most often star Eggman and Splooshnic, frequently teamed up to battle the forces of Evilcorp. Random Wise Man generally appears in an advice-giving role, while Banz provides support such as transportation. The heroes' love interests, Kara and Sera, provide magical support and get kidnapped, respectively. In the earlier games, Kara took the role of an antagonist working with Evilcorp, but left the company at some point between the classic and newer games, joining the heroes.

List of Games[edit | edit source]

Classic Series

New Series

Spin Offs (Canon)

Spin Offs (Non-Canon)

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