Eggnic 2, also known as Eggnic 2: Issaigassai, is an RPG in the Eggnic series. It is the sequel to the original Eggnic. The plot follows Dr. Eggman and Splooshnic, as they attempt to take over the world. Meanwhile, Evilcorp has hired Kara as a new recruit, who wishes to kidnap Splooshnic back to their home dimension.






At the time of Eggnic 2's development, it was a well-received game. The plot was considered more complex than previous Eggnic games, and the soundtrack was highly praised. It was also one of the longest Eggnic games, getting farther along in production than any game before or after it, aside from Eggnic Zero.

However, as time went on, the game's charm began to wear off, and the worst parts of the games became apparent. The intricate plot proved ridiculous and out of character for many involved, scenes were disjointed (in some cases even simply skipped over, due to Ishnt growing bored with the game as time went on), and the established backstory was tweaked until it made little sense. As well, Eggnic 2 is perhaps the buggiest of all Eggnic games. Weather effects and screen tints fail to turn off, battle music remains unchanged after leaving an area, and there are even several instances where the player can render the game unwinnable.

Nonetheless, many elements of the game have survived in the Eggnic series. Characters introduced here have continued to appear, especially Kara and her monsters, and the game featured the first battle involving multiple heroes, albeit only briefly. As well, Eggman and Sera's relationship was established in this game, though it was likely intended to be established in Eggnic.