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Evilcorp is an evil corporation led by Dr. Baconman and Evil Wise Man, and serves as one of Team Eggnic's main antagonists. Evilcorp has considerable influence, as the majority of the enemies in the Eggnic series either work directly for Evilcorp or have some alliance with it.

Company HistoryEdit

After the failed scheme of Dr. Baconman and Evil Wise Man in Eggnic Zero, the two villains found themselves defeated, broke, and in a state of disarray. However, the defeat of their informal alliance, Baconman/Evil Wise Man Co., would ultimately lead to the forging of a much more concrete and much more permanent organization.

Eggnic saw the rise of Evilcorp, the culmination of Baconman's and Evil Wise Man's ambitions to conquer the world and increase their funds by selling weapons and supplies to would-be villains.

Known OperativesEdit

Dr. Baconman (Co-Founder)

Evil Wise Man (Co-Founder)

Kara (Former agent. Left Evilcorp and joined Team Eggnic.)

Evilcorp Sales Representative

Evilcorp Secretary

Customers of EvilcorpEdit

Poison Gang