What is an Eggnic?

"EGGNIC" is a nebula somewhere out in the deep reaches of outer space. Coincidentally, it is also comprised of pieces of the names of the two protagonists of the EGGNIC games: Eggman and Splooshnic. Also coincidentally, it is the name of this game series!

- Eggnic Zero instruction manual

No, seriously, what's Eggnic?

It's a dumb project that Ishnt and Chris began when they were about 13 or 14 years old. The games were, by any yardstick, fairly amateurish and sometime dipped into the genuinely horrible, but for the most part maintained a sort of childish naivete that gave them a sort of charm. It helped that they never took themselves too seriously in the first place.

It is a fan game series, to a degree. Characters and people ranging from Dr. Eggman to Mr. T play prominent roles, as well as semi-original characters like Splooshnic. The reasons for this lie in the project's beginning. Eggman's Adventure, an Eggman fangame, and Splooshnic Crackers were originally intended to be unrelated projects, with one being a fan game and the other being an original work. As a result, the games tend to reference and feature things with no rhyme or reason.

The project managed to somehow survive to the present, in spite of its fanfic-y premise and the nature of its origin. Because neither of the Eggnic Team developers are very into fandom anymore, the games are a project that is undertaken merely for fun. The Eggnic Wiki was established to create a comprehensive catalog of the Eggnic games and the various elements of its world, mostly as a personal project. If you somehow stumbled on here by mistake... well, hi. We're not really this stupid, honest.

Do you take this seriously?

Not in the least! We're fully aware how ridiculous and frequently terrible this all is. It's just a fun little thing that we do for a hobby. Recent games have made attempts to improve the gameplay, humor, and general style of the series... but it is, at its heart, just the continuation of a project from when we were 13 or 14.

Where can I download the games?

Not currently available, for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which is that, with two exceptions, the games (all of them) are incomplete, and most will never be complete. A compilation is in the works, designed to give the games some semblance of substance, as well as an official Eggnic Team website.

You may be able to find some files on an old site called the Eggman Empire, but I make no guarantees of that.

Have you got any other projects?

Chris has Dr. Nonami, and Ishnt is currently working on a novel.

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