Kara is a main character in the Eggnic series. Hailing from Snow Island, she is a summoner and mage with powerful magical abilities. Initially, she appeared as an antagonist working with Evilcorp. However, sometime during or after Eggnic 3, she left Evilcorp, joining forces with Eggman and Splooshnic.

Character BiographyEdit

Kara was born on Snow Island, and was one of the most powerful mages in the world. When she was still young, the demon king Crackers was beginning to weaken the prison that had bound him on Snow Island. As such, Kara was sent to Forest Island, where the instrument was hidden. There, she met Splooshnic and the two became close friends. Unfortunately, however, Crackers then escaped and began rampaging on Snow Island. Though the king was able to defeat him with the help of the Wind Orb, sealing him in the Dark World required an incantation to be cast on the instrument. When Kara cast her spell, it opened a great dimensional rift, and she was teleported elsewhere.

Living in The Voidworld, Kara kept tabs on her home dimension with the help of her monsters, but was unable to find a way back. However, as Eggman, Splooshnic, Evilcorp, and others were thrown into The Voidworld in Eggnic 2, she took the opportunity to use that to find a way home for Splooshnic and herself. Thinking that Evilcorp, with its combined magical and technological prowess, would be able to help her, she joined up with the company, agreeing to help them conquer the world in exchange for safe transport for Splooshnic and herself.

Character AffinitiesEdit

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