This is a list of common enemies encountered in Eggman's Adventure. For bosses, see List of Eggman's Adventure bosses.

Baconbots[edit | edit source]

As a standard Baconbot, I am frequently smashed, destroyed, easily beaten, and humiliated. I'm the 'Goomba' of Eggman's Adventure!

- Baconbot in Casinopolis

The grunt of Dr. Baconman's robot army. Baconbots are robots modelled in Baconman's image. Low on HP and attack power, they are extremely easy to defeat. Their intelligence level is generally around that of a human, albeit a dimwitted one.

  • Baconbot - The standard Baconbot, and the weakest enemy in the game. They are encountered in the Green Hill Zone, Casinopolis, and the Bacon Carrier. They have no special attacks.
  • Mega Baconbot - A slightly more powerful version of the Baconbot. They are encountered in the Marble Ruins. In addition to regular attacks, they are capable of the Bacon Attack.
  • Desert Baconbot - Found in the areas surrounding the Desert Zone, these Baconbots are the standard patrol of the area. They are about as powerful as Mega Baconbots, but give more experience and money.

B-1000s[edit | edit source]


- B-1000

Almost as ubiquitous as Baconbots, and slightly more powerful, the B-1000 is a staple of Baconman's robot army. Vaguely humanoid robots, similar to Eggman's E-1000 series, they attack with Bacon Beams. B-1000 intelligence varies wildly, with some of them seeming to be mindless machines, with others being fairly intelligent. Sentry Robots are based on B-1000 designs. General B-1000 is the highest ranking B-1000, and commanded the B-1000 army from the Scrap Bacon Zone.

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