This article is a list of plot holes and inconsistencies in the Eggnic series. Some plot holes may have canonical explanations, in which case they may be listed near the plot hole.

Please note that a plot hole is not merely an impossibility in the plot. It can also be something extraordinarily unlikely that stands out as strange once logic is applied. It can include forgotten plot threads, or characters acting out of character.

Eggman's AdventureEdit

  • Baconman states at the beginning of the game that he has seized the Chaos Emeralds, and is using them to power up his Death Bacon. However, the Chaos Emeralds are nowhere near the Death Bacon, and are being held by Baconman's minions throughout South Island.
  • Eggman begins his adventure seeking revenge on Dr. Baconman, but upon being confronted by a Chaos Emerald, immediately switches his objective to finding and obtaining all of them. The Chaos Emeralds, once collected, are not used in a satisfactory manner.
  • Baconman, in the intro to chapter 2, states that he cannot allow Eggman to learn about the Chaos Beam. The Chaos Beam is never mentioned again, but its name implies that it is the Death Bacon's primary weapon, a beam powered by the Chaos Emeralds. However, this would be illogical, as Baconman used a Chaos Emerald-powered beam to destroy Eggman's Base at the beginning of the game.

Splooshnic CrackersEdit

  • Random Wise Man inconsistently describes Whateveritscalled. He gives contradictory descriptions of its geography.
  • The King of Snow Island claims to be the Ninja Warrior. This is contradicted not only in later games - in which it was never mentioned again for years after the fact - but also in the same game, where Splooshnic is attacked by the ninja even after this revelation.
  • Banz refers to "returning Forest Island to Earth". However, Whateveritscalled is not a location on Earth.
    • This may be referring to "Earth" as "the ground", not the planet Earth. For instance, there is an Earth Orb, so that may be in use in Whateveritscalled.