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You know, this dialogue sounds really choppy. I'm not sticking with this script.

- Splooshnic

Splooshnic is one of the two stars of the Eggnic series, alongside Dr. Eggman. He is a treasure hunter from the world of Whateveritscalled. Frequently, Splooshnic is referred to as "the greatest swordsman in the world". His aspirations are driven by whims, and he frequently loses interest in things. When the chips are down, however, he will usually do the right thing.

Character Biography[edit | edit source]

Splooshnic was born in the village of Oranamo, on Forest Island. When he was a child, he met Kara, and the two became close friends. However, one day, Crackers escaped from captivity and went on a rampage in Snow Island. Splooshnic knew nothing of this fact, but after Crackers was sealed away, Kara vanished, apparently having been banished to another dimension. The devastated Splooshnic soon after became a treasure hunter, searching for riches.

As he grew older, Splooshnic had a series of successful hunts under his belt, but found himself growing bored. He decided to seek a more fabulous treasure to hunt, and settled on the legendary Element Orbs.

Character Affinities[edit | edit source]

Weapons: Swords

Drinks: Pepsi Blue

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