- Eggman, repeatedly

Yosh (pronounced with an O sound) is Eggman's catchphrase. It is an exclamation of triumph or joy that is taken from the Japanese language. In Sonic Adventure 2, this was one of several words that remained untranslated in the English dub, leading to Eggman shouting it out quite often.

"Hsoy"[edit | edit source]

Hsoy is yosh spelled backwards. It inverts the meaning, turning it from an expression of triumph to an expression of defeat, annoyance, or any other sudden negative emotion.

"Yush" and "Ysh"[edit | edit source]

Yush is Baconman's catchphrase. It is identical in meaning. As well, it can be inverted in the same way, becoming hsuy, though Baconman rarely uses this.

Yush comes from a mishearing of Eggman's exclamation of "Yosh!" upon clearing a stage in Sonic Adventure 2.

Ysh is Spamman's catchphrase, and identical in meaning to yosh and yush. It is merely a corruption of "Yosh"."

"ёж"[edit | edit source]

The Russian word 'ёж', pronounced exactly the same as 'yosh', means Hedgehog.

By other people[edit | edit source]

People other than Eggman and Baconman have used variations on the phrase. Splooshnic exclaimed "Yosh!" in Splooshnic Crackers, and many characters affiliated with Baconman have said "Yush" and "Hsuy", including the Ninja Warrior.

At one point, Eggman was protective of the phrase, and upon Random Wise Man saying "Yosh", admonished him not to use his catch phrase. This only occurred once, and was never addressed again.

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